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Creating community for individuals with mental health needs has been a recognized success at Vivage for many years. Vivage offers a team of behavioral health professionals and award-winning communities that specialize in innovative and high quality programs for individuals with mental health needs. 

Vivage’s multi-faceted programs offer therapeutic activities such as group "vacations” to amazing locations, engaging environments, specially trained staff, and core values and care that focus on person-centered approaches.

Our Behavioral Health communities offer standardized staff education and detailed policy and procedures relevant to not only meeting regulations but also the needs of residents. Safety and well-being are at the forefront of policy and program development.

Therapeutic Programming includes activity calendar development to reflect what qualifies a therapeutic activity and who is responsible for ensuring that these activities occur as defined in the behavioral add on in Colorado’s State Medicaid Pay for Performance program.

Behavior Monitoring at Vivage offers innovative approaches and use of technology:  Staff are trained to view patterns and adjust staffing as well as identify where additional training and resources are needed in line with Federal and State regulations.

Vivage currently has eight skilled nursing facilities that are recognized for their behavioral health niche’ specialization. Vivage Behavioral Health communities are recognized by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services typically at the 5 star and 4 star rating. Vivage also facilitates the OASIS Transitional Care Unit at Denver Health Medical Center, in partnership with Denver Health, working with special placement issues from the acute care setting to post-acute and/or community settings.

For more information about Vivage’s Behavioral health programs and services or specific communities, contact Vivage at303.238.3838.

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